Von Zeit zu Zeit erreichen uns ganz wundervolle Rezensionen und Nachrichten. Die sind schöner als wir selbst sie schreiben könnten. Dieses Fundstück hier kommt mal wieder von amazon.com zu unserer Berlin cognac für das Apple iPad mini. Da wir die Rezension original belassen wollten, bitte – ungewöhnlicherweise – den Text von unten nach oben lesen. Wir lieben diese Rezension! Danke, E. Gumapac. Es ist so schön, wenn Kunden mit unseren Produkten auch langfristig so zufrieden sind!

UPDATE 6/6/2013
Final update on this wonderful Kavaj Berlin iPad Mini case. It has survived in and out of my backpack and from bing thrown around by me and my 6 year old son since the first day I received it. The leather held up really well and the stitching remains intact. I uploaded some pictures after 6 monts of daily „Abuse“. Aside from visible light scratches on the leather, the case remained beautiful and continues to receive lots of compliments. My wife has taken over the iPad Mini and I’m moving on to either a Galaxy S4 or a Note II, hoping there will be a case of similar qualities for either one. Better yet, if only Kavaj would produce cases for the Samsung products as well.

UPDATE: 1/24/2013
Everywhere I go, I get more compliments on my sexy Kavaj Berlin case than my iPad mini itself. To be honest, I think I’m in LOVE more with my Berlin case than my iPad mini. LOL. The case has taken a lot of abuse from heavy usage and still looks brand new. It gets thrown in my pack and shoved in my winter coat pocket and still not a sign of wear and tear. Simply amazing. Also my 6 year old son dropped it a couple of times and didn’t even scratch the leather. Oh yeah, the iPad was also fine.

UPDATE: 12/3/2012
I updated my rating from 4 to 5 stars. I decided to keep the case. After only a few days, the leather stretched out nicely giving it still a nice and tight fit over my iPad mini but now allowing the front flap to reach over the other side of the case. The magnets are now making good contact keeping the front flap from flapping around while carrying the iPad. I can now enable the iPad cover lock/unlock feature again. Like I said before, this is the most gorgeous case I’ve ever owned for any of my iDevices. The leather is thick unlike the bonded leather used on other genuine leather cases. The stitching on this case was also done professionally and looks like it will last a long time. The case itself doesn’t really add that much bulk to the iPad and weighs next to nothing. Thanks to Kavaj for producing a really nice super high quality case for the iPad mini. My search is over.

*** Original Review
This is the most gorgeous case I’ve ever owned for any of our iGadgets. The leather is top notch and flawless. The feel is supple yet strong. The smell is intoxicatingly good as far as leather is concerned. I truly, truly love the case. I fell in love with it the moment I opened the package. BUT…the fit is too tight just like what the other reviewers have mentioned. I’m sure the leather will stretch out over time. However, this leads to one major concern for me. Because of the tightness, the flap doesn’t quite reach the case’s edge; therefore, the flap’s magnets do not align with the main case’s magnets and the iPads magnets as well. The auto cover lock/unlock is rendered inoperable. In order for me to use the case, I had to turn off that feature. The second problem is, because the magnets do not make contact with each other, the flap remains loose and, well, just kind of flaps around. Making the iPad stand with the case is not a big issue for me as it’s easy enough to position the case even though it’s still a little stiff from newness. This case was supposed to replace my Yoobao Excutive case for iPad Mini, which in contrast, feels a little loose. I will give it a few days to see if my Berlin case stretches a bit so that the magnets can work properly before deciding whether or not I return it. Hope it works because the case is simply beautiful.

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