Ab und an erreichen uns im Kundenservice oder über Amazon Nachrichten und Rezensionen, die uns zum Schmunzeln bringen. Manche sind dabei so originell, dass wir sie zukünftig mit euch teilen wollen.

Den Anfang in unserer Rubrik „Das Netz über KAVAJ“ macht folgende Amazon-Rezension über unsere iPhone 5 Ledertasche Dallas eines anonymen Rezensenten oder sollen wir sagen eines unbekannten Dichters?

It´s been a journey… a kind of a poem
Original zu finden hier auf amazon.com

This my first review for anything I’ve purchased on Amazon.
When I got the Kavaj leather cover, in brown, there were things I liked and things that concerned me about it.
While happy with the look, size and feel, I was concerned about the protection it afforded and whether it would stand up to hard use.
At this point I would have rated it 3.5 stars.

The journey began…..

I bought an Incipio case, used it for a week and went back to the Kavaj.
Did not like having the phone’s screen unprotected, and I have never been good at applying screen protectors.

I bought an Otterbox.
Liked the protection, hated the feel in hand and the bulk in pocket.
Went back to the Kavaj.

I bought a Pad and Quill book.
Loved it…really loved it.
Loved the look, the feel in hand and the protection it afforded the Iphone.
Used it for two weeks and went back to the Kavaj.
Did not like the additional bulk in my pocket, and the need of using and undoing the elastic strap that keeps the book cover closed.

I bought the Lunatik Taktik.
Liked the techy look and the roll-a-car-over-it protection.
Hated the bulk, the feel in my hand, and the weight.
Looked forward to going back to the Kavaj.

I bought a handmade, top-grain leather, wallet type cover.
Loved the look and the protection.
Used it for two weeks and went back to the Kavaj.
It was too bulky in pocket and the snap on the cover became a pain to use and undo.

I bought a handmade leather, flip type cover, from Poland.
Absolutely loved the look and the soft feel of the leather, and the compliments from everyone that saw it.
Got tired of the loose fit, and pulling the phone out of the case to charge it.
After two weeks, went back to the Kavaj.

The Kavaj has held up to heavy use, has adequately protected the phone, and still looks good. It gets it’s own share of compliments.
It fits well in my pocket, with no additional bulk or weight.
The cut-outs are all dead on, and the magnets hold the cover down with enough strength.
It feels good in my hand.
And it has forgiven me for all the switching around I did to end up coming back to it.

Based on the above experiences, I now rate it 5 stars.
I’m keeping the P&Q book and the handmade covers, giving away or selling the others.
But I’m using the Kavaj…happily.
The journey is over and I’m home to stay.

Vielen Dank für diese wunderschöne Rezension!
„I´m home to stay“ – schöner könnten wir unser Ziel nicht formulieren.
Thanks a lot!

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