Warum Neil V. Zimbaldi sich dreimal die KAVAJ Miami für das Apple iPhone 5 bestellen musste und warum er sein iPhone nun nicht mehr vor Leuten aus der Tasche holt, diese Geschichte erzählt er auf amazon.com und wir erzählen sie euch. Thank you so much, Neil, for this little story! We really enjoyed reading it!

After extensive research I decided to purchase this beautiful leather case, even before it became available on Prime, and had it delivered to my place of work. A week or so later I saw it available on Prime, so I ordered another one and had it delivered to my home. My boss was next to me at work as I opened the package, and when she saw this case she just HAD to have it. She’s a great woman so I gave it to her just in time for her to start her vacation. When I got home I saw that the second one was delivered! So, I was very happy. A week later my boss returned from her vacation and told me that her daughter took her case because she absolutely fell in love with it. Yep! I gave her my second case, and quickly signed onto Amazon and ordered a third one, black this time. I don’t take my phone out in front of anyone anymore…I want to keep this one.
The case is genuine leather and you can „feel“ the quality of the craftsmanship. If you like a pouch style case, get this one.
There are a lot of cases that call themselves leather…but this is the real deal…
About 2 weeks after my purchases I received a phone call from the manufacturer – in Germany! They wanted to follow-up and see if I was 100% satisfied! I never would have expected a call like this over a $30 item. These people really care about their product and it shows.

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