Wieder einmal erreichte unseren Kundenservice eine wunderbare Geschichte. Diesmal per Email von unserer Kundin Sue Hackett, die für all ihre iDevices KAVAJ Hüllen erworben hat. Da wir uns über ihre Geschichte köstlich amüsierten, möchten wir sie gerne mit euch teilen. Natürlich haben wir Sue vorher gefragt und sie war einverstanden „My son and I would be very happy for you to post his story on your blog“, schreibt Sue. Das lassen wir uns nicht zweimal sagen. Hier ist sie, die kleine Geschichte von Sue:

(…) I thought you might like to hear an amusing tale.
I recently purchased a Kavaj leather cover for my iPhone and iPad which I have been delighted with, they really enhance the iPhone and iPad and keep them looking neat and compact, and, as you know, I have now just purchased an iPad mini for which I obviously needed another Kavaj cover to match, and am awaiting delivery of this.  I am sure I will be equally delighted.  However, as I was so pleased with the product I thought I would buy one for my son who has an iPad mini. I didn’t hear anything from him for a while so thought I’d better check it arrived. I realised why I had not heard from him!  He loved your Kavaj case but unfortunately so did his one year old spaniel, Buddy, who chewed it to bits whilst my son was distracted elsewhere!  So I think the moral of the story is that your product appeals to all the family! I am attaching a picture of the ’sweet little dog‘ who loves your product so much!!!

„sweet little dog who loves your product so much“ Sue Hackett

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